Equipo Navazos 48 Palo Cortado Bota Punta
Equipo Navazos 48 Palo Cortado Bota Punta
Case Size 6x 37.5cl In Bond  / case 
Availability In Stock 3 Cases Duty Paid 370 / case 
Year NV
Colour Sherry
Producer Equipo Navazos
Region Jerez
Country Spain
Rating WA

Tasting Notes:

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Another old, rare and concentrated Sherry, the NV La Bota de Palo Cortado Bota Punta 48 is a single-cask, very old (around 70 years of age) Palo Cortado originated in the vineyards of Gaspar Florido in Sanl�car de Barrameda. It aged for a long time allowing it to gain concentration over time, most probably with a few years under flor in its youth. It's sharp and pungent, really intense in the palate. It has notes of cigar ash, hints of malted cereals, peat, and smoke, with a super-intense palate with persistent flavors and an extremely salty, really concentrated ending. Simply superb! 1,200 half bottles. 98/100 Luis Gutierrez WA.

* Available for £65 per bottle as part of a (minimum 6 bottle) duty paid mixed case of Equipo Navazos wines. Please contact Andy on 01332 207 066 / wine@darleyabbeywines.co.uk

** Please note that if you are outside of DE postcode area that delivery can take a couple of weeks as we tend to round-up orders weekly from Equipo Navazos - national orders then go via London City Bond which can take a few days to go through the system.

NV Equipo Navazos 48 Palo Cortado Bota Punta Sherry
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Equipo Navazos, Jerez

Equipo Navazos is a small negociant business started in 2006 by Jesus Barquin, a criminology professor at Granada University, expert in and passionate about the wines of Andalucia, and Eduardo Ojeda, technical director of Grupo Estevez (Marques de Real Tesoro, La Guita Valdespino?). They source rare lots of high quality Sherries and bottle them unfined, unfiltered, (more or less) as they are in the bota. The whole thing started as a non-business adventure, with the two of them and historian Alvaro Giron unearthing, purchasing and bottling some superb, unique botas from different bodegas for a private group of aficionados. Word about these private bottlings started spreading through the Spanish Internet wine forums, interest and demand increased, so they decided to bottle a little bit more and sell small quantities to three distributors in Spain. The same happened with small importers here and there, UK, US, Singapore, Australia? and now they are probably the hottest name in Sherry for hardcore fans! As with most projects run by enthusiasts, things tend to get complicated, joint-ventures with other passionate producers (Dirk Niepoort from Douro/Porto, Sergi Colet who makes sparkling wines in Penedes), special wines that do not follow the normal release patterns, non-fortified biological wines, etc. Being so small, they have done so much to bring Sherry back to the attention of the public, both in Spain and the rest of the world. After almost 20 years involved in wine in Spain, I’m friendly with most producers in most regions, but I have to disclose that I’m probably closer to Jesus Barquin, who’s also been a colleague of mine at elmundovino.com, and co-authored, together with Victor de la Serna and myself a book on Rioja and Northwest Spain. Of course, I have no commercial relationship or interest in Equipo Navazos other than the fact that I´ve purchased their wines for my own cellar from the very beginning.
- Luis Gutierrez, The Wine Advocate #208, Aug 2013.

Equipo Navazos, Jerez

Equipo Navazos Jerez

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